10 Taylor Swift's Most Popular songs Ranked

Taylor Swift is a global sensation and one of the most popular singers in the world.

Her music has won her numerous awards and accolades.

Her songs are known for their catchy tunes and relatable lyrics.

One of her most popular songs is 'Love Story', which was released in 2008.

'You Belong With Me' is another popular song that was released in 2008.

In 2012, she released 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', which became an instant hit.

Another popular song is 'Shake It Off', which was released in 2014.

In 2017, she released 'Look What You Made Me Do', which was a chart-topper.

Her song 'Blank Space' is also a fan favorite and has over 2 billion views on YouTube.

Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' featuring Kendrick Lamar was a huge hit in 2015.

Her latest album 'Folklore' has also been a huge success and has received critical acclaim.

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